Friday, June 29, 2018

Little Koikatsu fix


I'm providing a quick fix for Koikatsu pantyhoses, because Illusion guys are unable to sort their shit right.

Enjoy being able to switch pantyhoses to an half-off state by dowloading this little file :

See ya later for Koikatsu mods!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Alright. FAKKU is shit.

(Image courtesy of Sitri @ IllusionSoft discord)

I could not resist in posting some shit about the release of HSU. Releasing a 2 years old soft, without it's DLCs and, without StudioNEO for 60$ is a joke? Their uncensor is a joke, the whole thing is a joke.

I would have preferred that Illusion themselves opened their market to the overseas. I would have been glad to buy their stuff legally. But no way i'll give a single buck to this crappy Fakku company. NO WAY.

The worst part is Fakku threatening the existence of the discord if they find illegal links. Fuck FAKKU, mind your own crappy business, and let people live their life, period.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Still alive

Life's been a bitch...

But i'm still there. Yeah. Awesome. Err.

Just kidding, got some really harsh real life issues, but things are getting fixed, little by little. ^_^

Don't have much to show or share, as i was not really able to mod during the past months.

Anyway, here is a little something :

That's a lame (?) attempt to make a convincing Makoto Mikasa.
As long as you've got Dak's newhead 2 and roy's wigs she should load ok (even if i've modded that tina back hair to remove the scalp).

I'll try to update more often, see ya.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Underwear set as been updated to v1.1


Underwear set as been updated to v1.1

As always it's a crappy update full of crappy stuff!

get it here :

Enjoy, or not. I don't care.
And oh yeah there's no matching panties for that new bra... I couldn't care less.
Commando is the only way to go =)

Alternative Tops


Here are some Party DLC tops i had a urge to (badly) modify. Oh yeah my vertices pushing skills are crap! I don't care! ^_^

This mod contains 2 tops.

IDs : 205490 and 205491

Decryption key : !jq9ne2mHZ2beYkE9slqkq0SJA-NRt8HZvyT1lj0wbj0


Have fun!

Still got something big to anounce, stay tuned!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

September news

Hey, i'm not dead... yet ^^.

1/ Skirt set #2 has been updated. I corrected weird denim skirt speculars. I hope to be proficient enough with weight painting to correct the crappy weight maps.... Oh well...
If you can deal with this for me, send me a message, that would be nice!

2/ A somewhat big anouncement (at least for me) on its way! Stay tuned!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Skirt set n°2

Skirt Set n°2

09/16/2017 Update to 2.1 : Corrected weird denim skirt speculars. Redownload and overwrite.

Hey here is another skirt set. Hope you will like it.

Preview  :

DL link :!ngBVzBhB
Key : !FIDwParI5gOcDdt3CQif3dt7ujqrJAWmVEZZGNRoaD4