Monday, November 14, 2016

Overtops set v1.0

Overtops set v1.0

  • Contains 6 recolorable overtops found under the GLOVES category.
  • Ids used : 212450 to 212455.

  • Install : Unzip into \HoneySelect\ directory.

  • Uninstall : Delete \HoneySelect\abdata\list\characustom\212450_totaldecay78_cos_sleeve_01.unity3d,and \HoneySelect\abdata\chara\totaldecay78\cf_td78_sleeve_01.unity3d

Credits : Enimaroah (for SB3UGS), GHM for the idea and template.

Decryption key : !ksCVJD8EHmgwzJhR721-uzt6RDoLLZCatMTodJ6QIB0

Have fun!



  1. Hey, greatly Hello, really very grateful to you the last time I reproduced the skirt, is a very outstanding MOD, the same I still have a request, I made your beautiful exquisite overtops are also very satisfied, I do not know you can No approval, let me reprint these overtops to and before the same website Really sorry, because we reproduced any good masterpiece to obtain the original author's permission Caixing, so I have to be greatly your approval, really very grateful! . . . .

  2. Great mod~!!
    And I hope you will release your mod~

    1. Thanks.
      But i told you before i don't know what you're talking about.
      The overall mod is not mine, as well as the no shirt cardigan....

    2. It's just a misunderstanding, sorry about that.

  3. Awesome :D
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Is there any chance you could share your characters please?
    They are amongst the best I've seen :D

  4. Brilliant thank you :D
    I hope you will post the others as well :D
    Awesome :D