Sunday, December 25, 2016

Miscellaneous rant.


I know it's X-mas.
I'm trying to be nice i promise.

But WTF.

I've been away a few days... (well.. almost 1 month....).
And i've just checked the audience.

How the fuck people can put direct links to me as they are IP blocking their referring URLs?

Isn't WWW for sharing?

I may be an old fuck, but since my fist steps on the web in 1997, i never changed my mind : the global internet is for sharing knowledge and stuff.
Restricting those resources is dumb.

I know a few Japanese web sites are IP restricting stuff.
It's lame.
But we're used to.
*It's almost half a part of the fun*

But my rant is about a certain south-Korean site witch is doing the same.
I always thought SK was more open minded.
Looks like i was wrong.

Mhhh. Thinking about to IP restrict my stuff...

Just kidding, that would be lame, and useless, internet is for everyone, and free.

Don't forget it biatches.

Different lights and SSAO strength :
(Because some ppl told me it was lacking SSAO strength)

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