Saturday, March 31, 2018

Alright. FAKKU is shit.

(Image courtesy of Sitri @ IllusionSoft discord)

I could not resist in posting some shit about the release of HSU. Releasing a 2 years old soft, without it's DLCs and, without StudioNEO for 60$ is a joke? Their uncensor is a joke, the whole thing is a joke.

I would have preferred that Illusion themselves opened their market to the overseas. I would have been glad to buy their stuff legally. But no way i'll give a single buck to this crappy Fakku company. NO WAY.

The worst part is Fakku threatening the existence of the discord if they find illegal links. Fuck FAKKU, mind your own crappy business, and let people live their life, period.


  1. And hey, yknow what's even worse? the HSU on FAKKU has worse translation in some part (compare to fan-trans), it's a worse port of the original japanese release (has lots of new bugs) and some of the UI does not have bilinear scalling (just look at the title screen logo). You don't really need to put insult into their mouth, their company name write the joke itself (Fuck you amirite?)

  2. Blah blah blah, I don't want to pay, blah blah blah

    1. Dear Fakku fanboy,


      Best regards, Totaldecay.

  3. Wow just here I thougt "Wow I can finally buy the game and get everything that came out. after waiting two years with out having to go and find a japan version." To hear this makes me want to go and do something as this isnt worth 60$. I just dont know what to do now.

    1. I know that feeling.
      FAKKU is just greedy and lazy as fuck.
      60$ would have been ok, with a real HQ uncensor, and all the DLCs.

    2. Like what can i do
      i cant buy the legal english version
      nor the japanese version
      do i just go download one or such as im not trusting my credit card info to a random website for one game. and since they didnt have it one steam at all or anything. and i dont know the other language at all i cant just get a japanesse version and try and patch it as i suck at simple how to stuff
      would i be in the right then if i found a way to get the english a certain way or would i be called the P word

  4. So a few days ago I decided that, since I was going to be stuck at home for a week, I might as well get Artificial Academy 2 working (guess when was the last time I checked the top-quality 3d japanese lewd scene...) I was told that there was this new thing called Honey Select and I said, sure, let's see...
    The latest version was Honey Select Unlimited so I (luckily) downloaded that one and gave it a try. The pixelated title screen with pixelated buttons was a huge red flag. I went to make a few characters and noticed how hideous males look, no matter how hard you try, and how ugly the uncensored bits look.
    Thankfully I decided to bear the burden and install HS Party with the mods. It's leagues ahead compared to the "newest updated version." HSU isn't a joke, is a pathetic attempt at a cash cow the likes of the worst freemium mobile games. My message to Fakku would, in fact, be "Fakku-rself."

  5. Another example of fakku being greedy.

    Take a look at this.
    Here's a free scanlation of Marcille Meshi (a Dungeon Meshi doujin) uploaded about two years ago to nhentai.

    Here's what seems to be the exact same scanlation uploaded to Fakku some time in the last few days.

    Judging by the fakku thumbnails, it seems like they literally ripped the scanlation from a free site and are trying to sell it as premium content. Taking credit for someone's work and trying to profit from it doesn't seem legit or professional to me.